Jack Jack. Silver Shaded with gorgeous green eyes.
(07-13-17) SFS 71 ns11
Father is CH Nazar Ellinweiss Of Evergrace
Mother is Golden Odyssey Felicia


Evergrace kids with their families

Cosmo's son Sammi is a Vikings fan!       vikings

carrieEvergrace Carrie Fish-Ear of GAHLee
Evergrace babies born here staying here

Jennifer, Gorgeous, Darla

Litter "C"
Dexter X Nika
Carl was special the moment he was born. His Momma was a first-time mother and didn't know what was going on, she delivered Carl on the floor in our closet. She was probably trying to let me know her time had come but, being a dumb human, I didn't get it. Only Carl's crying let me know she had even given birth, and then we got her and him and his sisters all set up in a nice cozy nesting box. He grabbed my heart and held on, and though I foolishly resisted at first he's got a permanent hold now. He has a very important role here at Evergrace, being a neutered companion to his Daddy Dexter. He will accompany Dex to the show halls in 2018 while we finish his career, and Carl will be entered in the Household Pet class. 

Litter "i"
Dexter X Angelina
ice_creamIce Cream
When you let your 6 year old daughter help name kittens
you get names like "Ice Cream"! laugh

This little girl shares similar nick-names as her mother; "Monkey Shines", "Miss Exotic", "My little monkey"... She is exquisite and totally adorable at the same time. 

She's always got mischeif on her mind!